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Knee Pain

Your knee is a strong yet vulnerable joint of your lower body that helps balance the body’s weight. Your Knee is essential in the simplest of daily activities such as walking, getting out of bed, and putting on pants. But if your Knee is compromised or limited, these simple daily activities aren’t so simple anymore.

Your knee is a very strong joint that provides stability and balance. However, the Knee joint is highly susceptible to many sports and non-sports related injuries and early stages of arthritis when it is overused or injured. An individual that plays sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis or Football can acquire an injury due to poor body mechanics and an external force. Inversely, an individual who does not play sports can still acquire injuries to their knees due to poor body mechanics when walking up stairs, squatting, running and jumping.

With high intensity physical activity or poor body mechanics, the knee can acquire many types of injuries very quickly and can go unnoticed. The meniscus; the cartilage between the Femur and the Tibia that acts as a cushion for the joint can be easily torn with a fast change of direction which can cause severe pain and lead to muscular over-compensation. If the meniscus is torn, it can lead to possible ligament and tendon sprains because of the instability and other injuries of the surrounding connective tissues.