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Shoulder Pain

Your shoulder is an essential joint of your upper body that is utilized for the simplest of daily activities such as brushing your teeth, stretching, combing your hair and even changing your clothes. But if your shoulder is compromised or limited, these simple daily activities aren’t so simple anymore.

Your shoulder is a highly complex joint that has the most range of motion of any joint in the body because it can move in all anatomical planes. However, the shoulder joint is susceptible to injury and early stages of arthritis when it is overused or injured in sports such as Baseball, Swimming, Volleyball or Weightlifting.

With consistent awkward body mechanics and external forces, the Shoulder girdle can acquire injuries very rapidly to its cartilage and can lead to injury of the surrounding connective tissues. Once the cartilage is compromised, the body begins to over-compensate for the injury and can lead to a muscle strain due to the overuse of the overlying muscles.