Dr. Payam Kerendian’s Comprehensive Approach to Pain Management in Los Angeles

Unlike most physicians, Dr. Kerendian does not believe in masking your pain with narcotic medications such as Vicodin, Morphine, Percocet, or other medications that “hook” your body into wanting more and more.

Dr. Kerendian’s approach to pain therapy stems from his background and extensive knowledge & training in the musculoskeletal system. His approach to any patient starts with listening to you for an accurate history of your pain. Then, he diagnoses the core root of the pain with an osteopathic based exam. This accurate diagnosis leads him in formulating a comprehensive and personalized pain therapy program for you.

Many patients have turned to Dr. Kerendian for the resolution of their pain after many failed attempts with other practitioners including chiropractors, orthopedic physicians, and even pain management specialists.

Cycle of Pain

What is Pain?

Pain is a sensation in your brain that has different intensity levels, which range from low to debilitating. This sensation is triggered by a dysfunction in one of the musculoskeletal layers of the body (however the pain sufferer is unable to determine the origin of the pain).

What modalities are appropriate to treat your pain?

There is no one cookie-cutting approach to patient care, especially in the treatment of pain control. Dr. Kerendian will choose the modality of pain control based on his diagnosis of not only what is the root cause of your pain, but also what are the secondary causes of your pain. For Example, the root cause of an individual’s pain may be a sprain of your ligaments, and the secondary cause can be due to muscle stiffening or Fascia tension. Therefore, your pain is not effectively treated unless all three of those layers are effectively cared for.

What different tissues can contribute to pain?

  • The bones
  • The ligaments or tendons (which is the cause behind many chronic pain sufferers)
  • Muscle bellies
  • Joint cartilage
  • Joint capsules and synovium
  • Joint discs
  • Fascia (involved and critical in 75% of pain)
  • Skin
  • Body physiology
  • Psychological triggers
  • Internal organ dysfunction

What conditions can benefit from Dr. Kerendian’s pain therapy?

  • Chronic headaches
  • Migraine headaches
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
    • Knee
    • Hip
    • Spine
  • Lower back pain
    • Bulging discs
    • Spinal stenosis or pinched nerve
    • Sciatic pain
    • Muscular dysfunctional pain
  • Recurrent ankle sprains
  • Recurrent back pain
  • Chronic knee pain
    • Either with normal or abnormal radiographs
  • TMJ
  • Facial or jaw pain
  • Recurrent or chronic shoulder or neck pain
  • Stress induced shoulder and neck stiffness
  • Tennis elbow
  • Tendonitis
  • Golfer’s elbow
  • PMS pain

Why Have I been taking pain medications for long periods of time?

Most physicians like to pursue the easiest method while addressing pain. As a result, many physicians will often prescribe you pain medications that block the sensation of your pain; therefore you will be numbed to the discomfort for the period of time that the medication is in your system.

Unfortunately this does not address the core issue behind your pain, and often the origin of pain goes untreated for years while you become dependent on the pain medication.

How is Dr. Kerendian different from other doctors?

As an osteopathic physician, Dr. Payam Kerendian has specialized in musculoskeletal care. Throughout his training and residency, he has perfected his method of treating pain in a comprehensive approach. He likes to treat the core issue of pain along with the secondary causes of pain.

Many patients have turned to Dr. Kerendian for the resolution of their pain after many failed attempts with other practitioners including chiropractors, orthopedic physicians, and even pain management specialists.

When evaluating and tailoring the proper pain therapy, the body has to be considered as a whole and treated methodologically to relieve tension in any and all different tissues and body parts that contribute to aggravate your given pain.

Does he treat acute pain or chronic pain?

He can treat acute pain or chronic pain. Acute pain is very easy to figure out and treat, and many patients are very pleased with the results of Dr. Kerendian’s treatment. Chronic pain is often more difficult to treat, but Dr. Kerendian is dedicated to spending the time and effort necessary to help relieve your discomfort. Very often, Dr. Kerendian finds results where others have failed to offer you relief.

What is his method of treatment?

Based on an original consult and evaluation of your pain, Dr. Kerendian will tailor and plan a comprehensive treatment regimen that will address all of the factors that contribute to your pain:

Visit frequency: may range from once per week to once per month depending on the nature and severity of your pain.

Modalities: Your treatment regimen may require one modality or a combination of modalities delivered in a methodical and time sensitive matter to best treat, alleviate and cure your pain. You physician will deliver all of these modalities personally, including:

Plan: You will have detailed plan that specifies a visit itinerary which includes exact modalities and dates. These visits and modalities are to be performed alongside home instructions so to help you get the maximum benefit out of your treatments.

Does he prescribe painkillers and muscle relaxers?

Dr. Kerendian’s model of therapy is aimed to alleviate and cure the cause of pain rather than to mask the cause of pain. However, medications are sometimes used temporarily as a part of his comprehensive treatment.

Dr. Kerendian will not continue prescribing long-term medications if you are not involved in any active curative treatment therapy.

Does Insurance cover his treatments?

We do accept all PPO health insurance as a payment method. Many of our patients have enjoyed the benefit of their insurance company covering the cost of their treatments. Many insurance companies would rather pay for your treatments with an Osteopathic Physician such as Dr. Kerendian over the cost of alternatives such as surgery or long-term pain medication dependence.