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Weight Loss and Body Contouring

Mesotherapy is a beneficial tool used for weight loss and body sculpting. This minimally invasive cosmetic procedure is highly recommended for men and women that have found that diet and exercise are not enough to eliminate frustrating fat deposits. The mesotherapy procedure reduces and contours specific undesired pockets of fat, providing you with a smoother and thinner aesthetic appearance.

Mesotherapy offers a variety of benefits over other forms of fat-removal procedures, including:

  • No hospitalization or downtime is necessary following the procedure
  • No bandages or compression garments are needed after mesotherapy treatments
  • Treatment is painless, so there is no need for anesthesia
  • Mesotherapy can treat any area of the body, unlike other forms of treatment

The mesotherapy body contouring procedure is a simple, pain-free process that can be performed in Dr. Kerendian’s office. The procedure often takes between thirty and forty-five minutes. For maximum results, many patients receive treatments weekly for eight to ten weeks. During your initial consultation, Dr. Kerendian will review your personal medical history and will conduct a physical examination to ensure that you are in proper health to begin the mesotherapy process. During this consultation, Dr. Kerendian will work with you to determine the exact areas of your body where you wish to pursue treatment. Prior to starting your mesotherapy fat-burning removal program, Dr. Kerendian will collect digital measurements and photographs so that you can track your progress as you lose weight.

The mesotherapy solution is individually crafted for each patient. This customization process provides Dr. Kerendian with the opportunity to select solution that will be the most beneficial to your needs—taking into account the area in which you are pursuing treatment and the amount of fat that is being treated. The injection solution is comprised of a mixture of amino acids, medications, minerals and vitamins. By being administered into the layer of fat this is directly beneath the skin, and can both eliminate cellulite and sculpt and tone skin on your belly, hips, thighs, chin and waist.

The microinjections of the mesotherapy formula painlessly diffuse into the fatty layer beneath the skin and works to breakdown fat. Mesotherapy is designed to enhance weight loss results. The process works best when used in conjunction with diet and exercise.