Reduce Arthritis Pain with Exercise

Reduce Arthritis Pain with ExerciseStudies suggest that people with arthritis usually do not get as much exercise as they need. Only 1 in 7 men and 1 in 12 women met federal guidelines for physical activity for arthritis patients. Forty percent of men and over fifty percent of women did not get even 10 minutes of exercise each week. People who get below those levels are considered sedentary.

This can be a problem, since moderate exercise has been shown to be an important part of arthritis pain management. This lack of exercise also contributes to a number of problems in addition to arthritis such as obesity, heart disease and type-2 diabetes. Doctors recommend about 20 minutes of exercise five times a week. Walking, yoga, and dance-oriented workouts like Zumba or Nia are all good choices.

If you have issues with mobility, then research low impact exercises that can be done with your restrictions. For instance, you can start by marching while seated for 20 minutes at a time. You can stretch leg muscles and reduce pain by putting your feet up on an ottoman and flexing and pointing your toes. There are many videos available at the library and online to help you learn exercises. You can also find limited mobility exercise classes in the Bakersfield area. Look into options such as water aerobics and chair yoga.

If you are overweight or obese and suffer from arthritis, talk to your doctor about a weight loss program. Excess weight is known to contribute to arthritis pain. Your doctor can help you devise a plan to help you get more active and take off excess weight that can be contributing your arthritis pain.