Cooking Healthy to Lose Weight

cooking-healthy-to-lose-weightThere is one realization that many people come to when trying to lose weight in Los Angeles and Bakersfield: eating healthy is much easier to do from the comfort of your own home. While it is perfectly possible to find a healthy meal while eating out, putting yourself in control of the ingredients you are using is a much safer way to ensure you are complying with your medical weight loss diet with each bite you take.

For those who have never tried cooking before, there is nothing to fret about. Learning just a few healthy cooking techniques can have you in the kitchen and preparing dinner tonight. All you need to get started is a few basic utensils, healthy ingredients and a willingness to learn.

Most people have all the basics they need already in their kitchen. All you need to start cooking is:

  • A knife and cutting board
  • Frying pan and pot
  • Spatula, whisk and wooden spoon
  • Meat thermometer

Once you have the tools it is time to compile the ingredients. You will want to talk to your weight loss doctor to make sure you are building a menu that is fit for your diet plan.

A few items that are often considered a healthy part of a weight loss diet include:

  • Vegetables: like broccoli, carrots, leafy greens, squash and zucchini
  • Lean protein: including chicken, turkey, beans and fish
  • Whole grains: such as brown rice or whole-grain pasta
  • Cooking oils: used in small quantities olive oil and vegetable oil may be considered a healthy part of your diet.
  • Spices: these will add flavor to your meal without extra calories. Look for salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme, paprika and garlic to start.

Once you have the above supplies and have talked with your weight loss doctor it is time to get cooking. The best way to prepare a meal is with a recipe. A good healthy recipe can guide you through the cooking process, help you understand what ingredients pair well together and how long each item needs to be cooked.

Here are a few simple cooking tips to help you get started!

  • Cut calories from your dish by skipping marinades and cheese sauces. Treat your meat with salt and pepper before cooking it to give it a subtle but delightful taste.
  • Watch the heat on your oils. Oils will get hot quickly and cause items to burn, not to mention smoke out your entire kitchen. Never put oils on a heat above medium on your burner, and only use enough to just coat the bottom of the pan—usually about one or two teaspoons.
  • Add spices to your vegetables. You may be surprised how much you enjoy your veggies when you use the right spices on them. Add a bit of pepper and paprika to your produce to give it a nice spicy flavor.

Do you have any simple but healthy recipes you enjoy cooking? If so please share in the comments below!