Foods to Help Weight loss and Aging

Foods to Help Weight loss and AgingLosing weight and staying young seem to be two goals that are out of reach for many people, but there are many foods and ingredients that may increase weight loss while also assisting the body in fighting off the effects of aging.

While there may not be a fountain of youth or magical pill for weight loss a simple trip to the grocery store or specialty shop can supply you with fruits, teas and supplements that contain powerful antioxidants that may help you to shrink your waist line while feeling much younger.

Brindal Berry, also referred to as Garcinia, contains hydroxycitrate acid. HCA has the ability to fight off rheumatoid arthritis and also is commonly used as a supplement to help in during medical weight loss programs. Often used in Indian cuisine, Brindal Berry can diminish the body’s ability to store fat.

Green Tea is often thought of as a miracle herb. The powerful antioxidant ability of Green Tea can fight high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and infection while it also thought to be helpful in fighting cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. Along with these anti-aging and disease fighting abilities, recent studies have found that Green Tea also has the ability to help the body burn calories. Since weight loss relies on burning off the calories taken in, Green Tea may replace other beverages or used as an extract to help you lose weight.

Aloe Vera has long been known for its healing properties. Aloe can be applied to the skin to moisturize and soothe burns or cuts and is also thought to be able to expedite healing. As a juice, Aloe Vera is thought to reduce heartburn and the effects of irritable bowel syndrome through its detoxifying properties.

Wheat Grass is on the verge of being in the category of superfoods. It is high in potassium which is associated with healthy skin and muscle tone. It is also associated with producing energy and may help in controlling weight. Wheat Grass is rich in nutrients and can be filling without adding unnecessary calories.

Fighting the aging process and trying to lose weight may not have magical solutions, but there are natural products available that may help keep you young and help you to achieve your weight loss goals.