How To Deal With Weight Loss Plateaus

How To Deal With Weight Loss PlateausSo now what? You’ve lost some pounds, got a killer exercise routine up and running and all of a sudden…nothing. You just stop losing weight. Hitting a plateau when you have been having some success with weight loss can be one of the most frustrating things. The good news is that you can move past it if you are willing to try some different strategies. Shake things up and jump-start the process again by experimenting with the following ideas to see what works for you:

  1. First of all, know that this isn’t a weird thing that is happening to you. Weight loss plateaus are completely normal, and they can be dealt with.
  2. Tighten up your routine a bit. Instead of actually hitting a plateau, it is possible that you may just be getting a little lax in terms of counting calories or getting exercise.
  3. Change things up. Routine can get boring and make you unmotivated. It can also lull your body into a comfortable state. If your muscles don’t know what to expect, it can help keep that from happening.
  4. Get hard numbers. Keep a food log or wear a pedometer to really track your activity and eating. Notice any unhealthy patterns and see what you can do to change them.
  5. Try meditation or relaxation if you tend to overeat when stressed out.
  6. Set new goals. It can help to break goals up into smaller tasks to help you get through the plateau without feeling discouraged.
  7. Recognize that you have made progress so far and that the plateau is only temporary.