Weight Loss Is About More than Just the Scale

Weight Loss Is About More than Just the ScaleRegular weigh-ins are important components of any medical weight loss program, but they don’t always tell the whole story. Losing weight will mean many positive changes in your health and lifestyle, and these are qualities that no scale can measure. During your program, paying attention to these changes can help you stay motivated and cognizant of all the good that weight loss is doing beyond your overall bodyweight.

As you lose weight, remember to take heed of things like:

  • How you move. Extra weight can hold us back from doing all sorts of things. As you slim down and tone up, you may find that many tasks in your daily life become much easier. You may be able to walk up a long flight of stairs without losing your breath, or chase after your children with greater ease than ever before. Whenever weight loss opens the door to a new activity or simplifies your life, this is something worth celebrating.
  • How clothes fit. Do you find that your pants slip on a little easier than before, or that some of your shirts feel baggy around your abdomen? Have you started to tighten your belt to a smaller notch than before? These are clear signs that the shape of your body is changing. Trying on old clothes as you lose weight can help you see how far you’ve come, while buying yourself some better-fitting outfits is a great way to reward yourself for your progress.
  • How you feel. For many people, weight loss can be the path to a clean bill of health. If your weight has contributed to problems like diabetes, high blood pressure or sleep apnea, medical weight loss can help you start to feel better, and may eventually eliminate your need for medications. With time, your doctor may tell you that you no longer need to sleep with a CPAP machine or that your diabetes has gone into remission, and this shows just how significantly weight loss has affected your body.

As the pounds start to fall away, weighing in can be an exciting experience, but don’t forget about these other important markers of your progress. How else has medical weight loss made important changes in your life? Share your experiences in the comments below!