Basics of Prolotherapy

Basics of ProlotherapySimilar to the purpose of massage therapy, prolotherapy is a natural and effective medical treatment designed to treat pain in various regions of the body. It is a safe and effective process that works by stimulating affected areas of the body to accelerate natural healing processes. Generally, prolotherapy is used to treat tendon injuries, ligament injuries, joint degeneration, disc bulges, and meniscus injuries. The treatment is simple for medical professionals to administer and is preferable for patients because it is quicker and easier than treatment through medication or surgery and involves a limited recovery period.

The procedure involves injecting a substance into the affected area and creating a localized inflammation. The inflammation incites natural wound-healing substances and collagen deposits, which both work to treat and strengthen the affected area. Although the effectiveness of prolotherapy depends on the technique of your prolotherapist, the treatment is highly likely to eliminate all pain and restore the affected area back to its original state. Alternative treatment methods, such as medications, surgery and joint replacement, tend to actually hinder the healing process or just prove to be completely ineffective. For safe and effective treatment for your chronic pain, consider prolotherapy solutions available in the Los Angeles and Bakersfield area.

By causing inflammation through a proliferant solution, prolotherapy essentially just stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms without adding any synthetic chemicals through medication, or altering the structure of the affected area through surgery. The healing process leads to the growth of new tendon and ligament tissue that is thicker and stronger than the original tissue. Therefore, the prolotherapy procedure not only eliminates current pain but reduces the risk of pain in the future. If you suffer from chronic pain and are looking for a non-invasive, natural treatment solution, contact a local Los Angeles or Bakersfield Prolotherapist to find out how you can benefit from the healing powers of prolotherapy.