How Yoga can help relieve Chronic Pain

How Yoga can help relieve Chronic PainMany people that suffer from chronic back pain are severely limited in their ability to move, which makes exercise an increasingly difficult task. However, many studies have shown that exercise can actually help relieve chronic pain, which makes movement an important part of your treatment plan. Before you decide to begin any sort of exercise regimen with chronic pain it is incredibly important that you speak with your physician. For many people, yoga can help enhance relief when used in conjunction with other medical techniques, such as prolotherapy.

According to certain studies, as much as 80% of the adult population in the United States suffers from chronic back pain, making this the fifth most common reason people seek medical attention. Chronic pain refers to a lingering discomfort that lasts longer than six months. For many people, the pain is initially associated with an accident or injury, but lingers long after the initial pain of the injury wears off.

Yoga is a series of movements and breathing activities that uses slow, deliberate movements to stretch muscles and build strength in your upper and lower body. While yoga is not a sufficient form of treatment for chronic pain on its own, it is a good supplement for many people.

Iyengar yoga in particular focuses on precise body alignment and position. This type of movement can help to enhance your posture, which can relieve pressure from certain areas of your back that are experiencing the most pain. Unlike other forms of yoga that take place on the floor with the use of a thin mat, Iyengar yoga uses props such as chairs, bolsters blankets blocks and belts. This makes it much easier for individuals who are suffering from chronic lower back pain to complete the activities during the exercise.

In addition to helping relieve back pain, yoga is also a good tool for stress management and weight control. The benefits of participating in regular activity can improve both your physical and mental health.