Prolotherapy – The Better Choice for Back Pain

Prolotherapy – The Better Choice for Back PainBack pain is a common ailment amongst many people. Most of the time, back pain is often associated with specific problems such as an acute herniated disc. An acute herniated disc often causes excessive pressure on nerves in the lower back triggering a great deal of discomfort and pain. However, most other disc conditions are not the cause of pain in a person’s lower back.

People who are suffering from an acute herniated disc or other degenerative disc issues usually undergo treatment that targets only the disc itself. This is one way to tackle pain in the lower back but there could be additional sources of pain that go beyond degenerative disc issues. Most pain in the lower back area is caused from ligament injury or laxity. In order to treat pain stemming from ligament injury, the ligaments themselves must be addressed.

Prolotherapy is a highly effective treatment for chronic back pain. Prolotherapy uses the body’s own healing factor by inducing a natural inflammation. This kind of treatment can be more successful than alternative back pain treatments such as Intradiscal Electrothermal Therapy or IDET.

Its effective results are not the only benefit to trying Prolotherapy—it’s a simple procedure and costs less than alternative treatments. If you are someone suffering from chronic back pain, trying prolotherapy in Los Angeles could be your answer to solving your back pain issues once and for all. Prolotherapy has the ability to offer you permanent healing on top of its list of benefits. This treatment could be the last step in putting an end to chronic back pain for good.