PPO Health Insurance Coverage

Please answer the following questions to evaluate the likelihood of Services being covered under your PPO Health Insurance.

Do you have United Health Care Insurance?

1 out of 6

Do you have Aetna Health Care Insurance?

2 out of 6

Do you have Anthem Blue Cross Health Care Insurance?

3 out of 6

Do you have any other PPO Health Insurance?

4 out of 6

What was your score from the Self Assessment test?

5 out of 6

How many YES responses do you have to the below medical co-factors?

  • Obesity or over-weight

  • Low libido or erection problems

  • High blood pressure

  • Breathing problems or issues

  • Diabetes

  • Heart problems

  • Grinding of teeth

  • TMJ

  • Depression

  • Neck size over 16.5 inches

6 out of 6