How long is the average time for a man to ejaculate?

March 2023

Did you know that men typically cross the finish line quite quickly during intercourse? A fascinating study of 500 couples from around the globe revealed that, on average, men take just 5.4 minutes from penetration to ejaculation! Surprisingly, factors like using protection or circumcision don’t seem to make a difference. Keep in mind, however, that this intriguing little factoid only covers penis-in-vagina action, leaving foreplay and other forms of intimacy out of the equation.

The widely used metric for measuring ejaculation time, intravaginal ejaculation latency time (IELT), isn’t suitable for all sexual activities or preferences? This fascinating fact highlights the vast spectrum of ejaculation duration, ranging anywhere from less than a minute to an astonishing thirty-plus minutes. Over time, there have been significant changes to how we categorize premature ejaculation (PE) and delayed ejaculation (DE). The latest criteria from the AUA and SMSNA, updated in 2020, define PE as ejaculation occurring within roughly 2 minutes of penetrative sex initiation that causes distress to either the man or his partner.

If it takes a man over 22 minutes to ejaculate during penetrative sex, he may be part of the exclusive 5% that could experience delayed ejaculation (DE)? If this is a concern, don’t worry – there are ways to navigate the timing of the grand finale. Consult your healthcare provider for options to ensure a harmonious and satisfying love life. For a deeper dive into this fascinating subject, explore publications from the renowned ISSM Journals: The Journal of Sexual Medicine, Sexual Medicine Reviews, and Sexual Medicine Open Access.

imagine trying to measure a wild roller coaster ride using a simple ruler – it just doesn’t cut it! That’s what’s happening with the most popular way to measure ejaculation time, the IELT. It completely leaves out experiences of men who have sex with men or during other steamy encounters. The truth? Ejaculation times are like snowflakes – no two are alike, lasting from a lightning-fast minute to a slow-burning half hour.

But fear not, lovers! Organizations like the AUA and SMSNA have been refining the rules of the bedroom, tuning in to the real-life climax conundrum. Say goodbye to fuzziness around terms like premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation. Now, a hasty two-minute departure leaving both parties unsatisfied gets tagged as PE, helping men understand and enjoy their pleasure roller coaster to its fullest.

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