Adjust Your Weight Loss Strategy with Age

Adjust Your Weight Loss Strategy with AgeAs you age, your body changes. One of the side effects of those changes is that weight loss can be more difficult.

Weight loss becomes more difficult with age in part because of a slower metabolism; your body doesn’t need nearly as many calories as it did when you were younger. Another cause for weight gain as you get older is that you may become less active. Aging can cause you to have less energy for physical activity, but it can also mean that life simply doesn’t require you to do as much running around as you used to.

5 Ways To Adjust Your Weight Loss Strategy As You Age

  1. Lower your calorie intake. Remember that your body needs less than what you’re used to eating.
  2. Eat smaller portions.
  3. Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats to help curb your appetite
  4. Keep fat intake below 30 percent of your total calorie intake
  5. Aim to be physically active for 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week. As you age, it’s important to make a conscious effort to be more active.

Overall, you simply need to do more of what you’ve been doing to control your weight throughout your life. Recognize that your lifestyle habits may have changed along with your body’s needs and you may need to take a more active approach to your weight loss as you get older.