Healthy Waist Size May Differ for African American Women

Healthy Waist Size May Differ for African American WomenA new study recently indicated that the parameters of a healthy waistline may be slightly larger for African American women versus the ideal size for white women.

The study identified the maximum healthy waist circumference of 36 inches for white women and 38 inches for African American women. Doctors compared the BMI and waist size of people who needed to consider weight loss and were at high risk for diabetes and heart disease to those at a lower risk to find the waist measurement and BMI that best separated the two groups.

A BMI of 30 was the threshold for white women and men of both races. The BMI threshold among black women was 33; and a comparable gap was shown when it came to waist size as well.

The findings in this study do not mean that African American women with these statistics are not at risk for obesity related health issues. Typically people with waist sizes within these parameters do need to consider a medical weight loss program to reach a healthy weight. This study did justify the relationship between obesity and high risk factors in all races and indicates that no one is immune to the dangerous effects of being overweight and should consider weight loss as a primary factor in their health.

It’s not clear why there was a difference among African American women but not African American men. It may be related to the fact that white and black women have differences in the specific areas of the body that fat tends to accumulate and men generally do not have those differences.

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