Moving past a stalled weight loss program

Moving past a stalled weight loss programMany of us who have tackled the problem of losing weight have experienced a period of steady success when suddenly the progress seems to stop. This is puzzling if you are actively trying to lose weight and your plan has clearly been working out well thus far. Why is your weight loss stalled after such a good period of success?

There are many factors that could be to blame when your seemingly successful weight loss program has stalled. This is especially puzzling if you have been dedicated and have been seeing your doctor for medical weight loss advice and support. Medical weight loss doctors in Beverly Hills and Bakersfield agree that the factors affecting your weight loss are many and varied. A few of those factors might include:

  • Changes in Metabolism – As you reduce your food intake, your body adapts and becomes more efficient at processing the food you eat. Changes in your resting metabolic rate can stall your weight loss as your body learns to get by with less food. Measuring your Basal Metabolic Rate and making small adjustments can get your weight loss moving again.
  • Exercise- if you are not getting a high enough level of exercise, then you are not burning enough calories to support your weight loss goals. When exercising, the amount of calories burned is due to the type of exercise, the duration and the intensity of the exercise. Exercising in the form of walking and running are weight bearing activities which burn more calories. This happens because the body has to work harder against gravity, therefore burning more calories. If swimming and biking are your thing, you need to look closely at your workout to make sure you are burning as many calories as you need to for weight loss.
  • Sleep- your body needs sleep to rest and rejuvenate. Not enough sleep messes up the natural process of hormones and has been linked to weight gain.
  • Skipping meals- do not fall victim to the trap of skipping meals in order to eat less and lose weight. This will backfire as your body will believe it is starving and hold on to fat stores instead of losing them.

These factors may seem like simple factors, but if addressed, will likely help spur your weight loss success and end your period of weight loss stall.