Therapy Treatments for Cellulite

Therapy Treatments for CellulitePeople don’t just go to a weight loss center in Los Angeles to lose weight, although that certainly is a goal of many. Some people seek cellulite therapy treatment from a weight loss center as well. In addition to lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet and exercise, cellulite can be treated through laser therapy, mesotherapy, and radio frequency therapy.

  • Laser Therapy – According to the Mayo Clinic, some people seem to see an improvement of their cellulite through laser therapy. Deep tissue massage is typically combined with a diode laser to scatter the fatty deposits that contribute to cellulite. The energy from the laser promotes the production of new collagen, which can lead to less skin dimpling. Some people see improvement for an average of six months, but additional maintenance treatments are usually necessary.
  • Mesotherapy – Mesotherapy is another method used to treat cellulite. A solution comprised of a variety of vitamins, herbs, enzymes, and chemicals help to break up the fatty deposits contributing to the dimpling of the skin. Side effects of mesotherapy include infections, rashes, and sometimes worse skin dimpling.
  • Radio Frequency Therapy – Radio frequency therapy consists of using radio waves to improve the appearance of skin with cellulite. Radio energy not only encourages the production of collagen, but also tightens the structure of tissue in the beyond surface layers of the skin. In some cases, radio frequency therapy is combined with deep tissue massage and infrared light. Radio frequency therapy is thought to provide a smoother and firmer skin appearance.