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We’re Here For You

Our office would like to extend our best wishes and positive vibes to you and your family during such unprecedented times in Los Angeles and the world.

As your healthcare physician, Dr. Kerendian understands the great mental, physical and health consequences that one may be experiencing during such harsh times of isolation as we try to adhere to our “stay at home” orders.

We would like to remind you that the core of Delight Medical Team for our staff to work hard behind the scenes to deliver the most up-to-date, effective, and optimal health care services to our patients with the utmost professionalism, and efficiency on each of your visits to our practice.

During these harsh times of Covid 19 days a.k.a. “The great pause”, we have witnessed many of our community physicians closing their offices until further notice from government officials. However, Dr. Kerendian, Alexis, and Miriam want to reassure you that each of us are working even harder to be able to adapt and continue to deliver such effective and efficient visits that you’re accustomed to with Delight Medical Center.

Our previous experience and usage of telemedicine has allowed us to be one step ahead of other practices as we have incorporated this to deliver your visits and health maintenance to be as pleasurable and as seamless as possible to you.

We encourage you to keep our team busy with your schedule telemedicine appointments. Such appointments can be scheduled for any concern that we require the guidance or advice of Dr. Kerendian. Please remember that Dr. Kerendian is the primary family physician, who can address any issues in any age and any gender. Please do not hesitate to make an appointment for any questions that may be related to:

  • Covid 19 situation
    • mental distress such as sleep problems, anxiety, depressed moods, or irritability.
    • physical symptoms such as respiratory issues, gastrointestinal issues, musculoskeletal issues, skin changes or issues, urinary tract issues, cardiovascular issues.
    • any general questions about your health, the virus, isolation tips, immunity boost)
  • Non-Covid related
    • General health questions
    • Any concerning symptoms (new or recurrent)
      • Head, ears, nose, throat, nerves, psyche, skin, lungs, heart, stomach, bowels, bladder, sex organs (male or female), muscle, joints, immunity, hormones, metabolism.
    • Maintenance of your chronic health issues and/or medical management
  • Weight Management
  • Hormone Management

For any of the above needs or questions or concerns, you will not need to leave your home as we arrange a 1:1 appointment with you and Dr. Kerendian via Tele-Medicine aka Tele-Health. Once you have completed your video call with Dr. Kerendian, our staff will arrange and ship any prescriptions discussed to your home. This includes anything that we have within our office including any of the supplements, vitamins, medications, and even the injections (which have been extremely useful in increasing energy and metabolism to combat our current sedentary lives).

Please do not hesitate to contact Alexis via phone or email to schedule your appointment.

Covid 19 announcement - Click on image to download PDF

Furthermore, please do not hesitate to spread the word about our telemedicine services to all your family and friends and colleagues who may not be our patients yet. There are many individuals whose physicians have abandoned them during this time, and we would like to welcome them with open arms to our practice.

As always, we thank you for your loyalty with our practice. We wish you a healthy and safe time during this “stay-at-home order” and are DELIGHTED to be serving your medical and health needs.

Yours Truly,

Payam Kerendian, DO
Alexis B.
Miriam M.