Exercise – Just Do It

Exercise - Just Do ItIf Canadian researchers are right, Nike may have figured out the key to getting enough exercise a long time ago. It seems that the answer to getting more exercise is simple: Just do it.

Researchers from Canada’s University of Alberta conducted in-depth phone interviews with 20 men and 20 women between the ages of 42 and 77 in an effort to learn more about people’s attitudes toward physical activity. Researchers noted that the active people they spoke with ignored their brain’s chatter and made exercise a non-negotiable part of their day, despite possible obstacles that could prevent them from staying fit.

The interviewers noticed that everyone had potentially good reasons not to exercise. People who were active didn’t have fewer stressors in their lives, but they simply worked out anyway, without thinking too much about it. A few of the regular exercisers even mentioned that they specifically avoid thinking about exercise so that they can’t talk themselves out of it.

What about the people who weren’t getting enough activity? Many people had great intentions about working out, and some even had detailed plans about how they could become more active, but things like work, family, tiredness, and commitments prevented them from following through on their plans.

While this research doesn’t offer a detailed plan for getting more active or new guidelines about how much activity is enough, it does seem to suggest that mental attitude and personal commitment to physical fitness is an important factor in whether or not you’ll be able to achieve the fitness goals you’ve been thinking about.