Free Ways to Get Fit this Summer

Get Fit for Free During Medical Weight Loss in Beverly Hills & BakersfieldWhen it comes to weight management, there are free ways for medical weight loss patients to stay in shape this summer in Beverly Hills and Bakersfield. You don’t always have to sign yourself up for a pricey gym membership to remain active; there are several activities you can engage in to burn calories without ever spending a dollar.

Enjoy some warm California sun this summer and head outside to engage in these free fitness activities.

Time to Hit the Trail

Put on your walking shoes, grab a large water bottle or hydration pack and get ready to hit the nearby trails of California. Walking trails are excellent for summer fitness and the health benefits are free. Not only do walking trails make for a great change of scenery—the fresh air and green colors of the great outdoors are known to boost physical activity. Walking is an excellent low-impact exercise to add to your weight loss plan that won’t put added pressure on achy joints like running will. Are you ready to hit some nearby trails this summer instead of being trapped in a stuffy gym?

  • Visit the Kern River Parkway Bike Path, an excellent walking trail outside of Bakersfield. This trail is approximately 20 miles long and filled with potential for wildlife encounters with animals like bobcats and roadrunners. The western end of this trail will take you close to the campus of California State University. Summers in Bakersfield quickly heat up the trail’s asphalt, so make sure you wear proper walking shoes, apply sunscreen frequently and drink water throughout your walk for adequate hydration.
  • Medical weight loss patients closer to Beverly Hills should check out the two and a half mile Franklin Canyon Hastain Loop Trail. This short but sweet trail makes for a tranquil retreat especially if you’re a bird watcher. This trail is home to plenty of wildlife for walkers to enjoy, but watch out for the Hollywood film crews that frequently invade this particular area.

Go For a Bike Ride

Outdoor cycling is a great exercise to add to your weight management plan. Cycling is another low-impact exercise that helps improve your cardiovascular fitness, build stamina and muscle tone as well burns calories. In addition to providing weight loss patients with myriad health benefits, cycling outdoors costs no money (beyond the price of your bike) and there are plenty of beautiful areas in California for residents to ride. Check out these blooming bike trails nearby this summer:

  • Wind Wolves Preserve is located near Bakersfield, California and provides bikers with beautiful wildflowers and fresh green grass to ride along. This biking trail is also great for all skill-levels, so even if you’re just beginning to cycle outdoors this trail makes for a great starting guide without the added stress of large moving vehicles.
  • Beverly Hills residents can enjoy the many health benefits of cycling by pedaling over to the Westridge Trail located nearby in the Santa Monica Mountains. This is also a well-groomed bike trail that is great for all skill-levels—just watch for other bikers and hikers as this is a popular outdoor fitness spot in Beverly Hills.

Enjoy the free health benefits of hiking and cycling outdoors this summer to stay on track with your medical weight loss program. Remember to always stay hydrated and protected when exercising under the sun and check with your weight loss doctor before engaging in any new physical activities.