Get the Most From Your Exercise Routine

Get the Most From Your Exercise RoutineAlthough it’s possible to¬†lose weight through diet alone, exercising regularly can help you lose weight more quickly and keep the weight off for longer. Regular exercise is also important for preventing chronic diseases, improving your mood, and maintaining good all around health. Check out these tips for getting the most from your weight loss workout.

4 Tips For An Effective Exercise Routine

  1. Be well-rounded: The most effective exercise program will include some aerobic activity, strength training, and stretching. You don’t have to do all of these types of exercises at once or in the same day, but working each into every week will be most effective for staying lean, strong, and flexible.
  2. Add variety: If you’re doing the exact same exercises over and over again, you may start to see fewer results. Your muscles can actually adapt to specific exercises, so it’s a good idea to change things up every few weeks to keep challenging your body. Adding variety to your routine can also prevent you from getting bored, which increases your chances of sticking with an active lifestyle permanently.
  3. Pace yourself: Making small gains consistently will yield better overall results than pushing yourself too far, too fast. Research has shown people who lose 1 to 2 pounds per week over a long period of time are more likely to maintain their weight loss than people who lose weight too quickly.
  4. Do more: In order to avoid gaining weight, experts recommend doing 60 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week. If you want to lose weight, you’ll need to do even more than that. A great way to get more exercise is to look for small ways to be active during your everyday life. Walk to the store, ride your bike to work, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Making these active choices consistently can produce significant results.

If you combine these exercise tips with a balanced diet, you can lose weight and keep the weight off for years.