On the Road to Fitness

On the Road to FitnessChoosing the best route to walk and run in Beverly Hills and Bakersfield can help you meet your fitness and weight loss goals more easily. It doesn’t take much effort, but planning out a route can help considerably. Here are some elements you should consider when setting up the route you’ll be walking or running:

  • Good Scenery. Interesting people, buildings, green places, and waterways can all provide something for your eyes to do while you’re walking or running, which will make your fitness routine that much more enjoyable.
  • Varied Terrain. For your run or walk to be more effective, some variety in terrain is essential. Areas with no inclines allow you to move at a brisk pace and hills can provide increasing levels of difficulty. A road with an incline of 15% will cause you to use 30% more energy!
  • Safe Ground Surface. In addition to wearing high-quality shoes with proper support and traction, you should try to look for routes that have uniform surfaces like grass or loose granular tracks. Avoid uneven surfaces, and, if you have bone or joint problems, stay away from hard surfaces as well.
  • Resting Places. Every walker and runner needs to stop for rest and hydration, depending on the duration of your fitness routine. If you choose a route that has benches or shelters, you’ll have a designated spot where you can rest up and drink some water.
  • Safety. This should go without saying, but avoid high-crime or deserted areas when you plan your route. Additionally, too much congestion, either in foot or vehicular traffic, can also be dangerous. Always wear light-colored clothing or reflectors so that you remain visible to drivers, and if you typically go during the early morning or late evening, bring a friend.