Using Yoga to Lose Weight

Using Yoga to Lose WeightWhen you are overweight it is often incredibly difficult to get started with an exercise regimen to help you lose weight. Your fitness level and overall ability to engage in certain activities often makes it difficult to find a workout routine that is right for you. Yoga is a beneficial workout for many overweight people because it is low impact and helps increase flexibility. This means that yoga is even often a good tool for those struggling with injuries and pain that make high-impact options like running impossible.

Yoga may be a beneficial addition to any weight loss program. Any type of yoga will help to improve your strength, flexibility and balance. However, if you choose one of the types of Vinyasa yoga, including certain types of power yoga or hot yoga, you may also burn enough calories to help with weight loss. Building muscle may help you to burn more calories and look thinner, even if the number on the scale does not go down. This is because muscle weighs more than fat, but takes up less space in your body.

There are a number of options for yoga classes in Burbank. Try looking for a center for health that offers both beginning and more advanced classes. The more advanced classes may burn more calories, but you need to start with a beginning class to get familiar with the different yoga poses and learn the proper form to minimize the risk for injury. Even if you don’t lose weight, yoga has many beneficial effects so it is definitely worth adding to your workout regimen.