Eat Healthy on a Budget

Eat Healthy on a BudgetHealth food doesn’t have to break your budget. You can lose weight without eating specialty foods. Discover some healthy foods that can add variety and nutrition to your diet without draining your bank account.

Canned beans are full of fiber and protein. They’re also very inexpensive. Toss them onto a salad or include them in a soup or chili dish.

Eggs are very easy to cook and can be added to all kinds of meals. As you try to lose weight, make sure you’re not adding a ton of butter and are using eggs in moderation.

Frozen Fruit
Do you enjoy smoothies? Here’s a trick. Simply buy some frozen fruit and stick them in the blender with skim milk and a fresh banana. Frozen fruit can add a wide variety to your diet year round.

Brown Rice
This diverse, easy grain is easy on the budget. Unlike more expensive grains, it can be purchased in bulk at a low price. Invest in a rice cooker for restaurant-perfect rice.

Canned Fish
If you’re not comfortable cooking fish or you can’t find fresh fish, try inexpensive canned fish. Add it to a salad or try it in a sandwich. Canned salmon is full of great nutrients and lean protein.