Surviving the Business Lunch with Your Diet Intact

Surviving the Business Lunch with Your Diet IntactThere are many ways to survive a business lunch without blowing your diet. By planning your actions in advance you canĀ keep control over your diet and focus on the business at hand.

If you know in advance the name of the restaurant, take a look at their menu. Many restaurants publish their menu and nutrition facts online, so you can be sure exactly what you’re ordering without the pressure of your colleagues sitting around. If there are not many options that work for you and your diet plan, don’t be afraid to alter or ask to substitute items. Ask for vegetables without the butter, sandwiches without the sauce and in a wrap or on a whole wheat bun, and salads with light dressings served on the side. Even the healthiest meal can become unhealthy with creamy dressing or sauces, so beware of hidden calorie-packers.

You should also be aware of what you’re drinking. Steer clear of alcoholic beverages, sodas and juices. They are full of calories and sugar that can offset your healthy meal. Instead, opt for water. Craving something a little more exciting? Ask for a lemon or a lime in your water, or order sparkling water without added sodium with fruit.

Figuring your way around the menu is only half the battle, however. Unfortunately not everyone has the same fitness goals or disciplines that you have, so how do you explain to a well-meaning coworker who insists that you try a bite of their creamy chicken alfredo? Just smile, thank them, but politely refuse saying, “Sorry, doctor’s orders!” In most cases, you won’t have to explain beyond that.