The Hidden Truth About Healthy Foods

The Hidden Truth About Healthy FoodsMany people in Beverly Hills and Bakersfield are trying to eat healthy foods, but not all foods are created equal. We all see labels such as organic, no added sugar, multigrain and no Trans-fat and think that those foods are great for weight loss. However, it is important to know the truth behind the labels.

Granola, cereal bars and energy drinks are examples of foods that seem healthy according to the labels. The truth is, these foods are often loaded with fat, sugar and calories and may be a poor choice for people on a medical weight loss plan. Their nutritional value is often low, and other foods offer more nutritional benefits. Foods such as turkey burgers, peanuts, whole-wheat cereal and banana chips are other examples that often trick those searching for healthy choices.

Be sure to read both the front labels of packaged food and the nutritional labels on the back. Multigrain is not the same as whole grain, and no cholesterol may not mean low in fat, sugar or calories. Read the ingredient list and nutrition label, and pay attention to serving sizes.

Experts suggest some of the trickiest “healthy” foods include packaged cereals and multigrain products. Deli foods may be full of sodium and low-fat dairy items add fillers that increase sugar content. Watch out for sugar and fat in high-energy drinks, cereal bars and granola, and be aware that trail mix is often laden with calories.

Baked goods claiming to be “trans-fat free” may have unrealistic portion sizes and include hydrogenated oils you want to avoid. Soy products may be healthy choices, but watch for high fat and sugar content. These foods can be incorporated into a weight loss program, but be aware of the hidden dangers.