Affects of stress on the body!

Man StressedWhat are the different Categories of stress on our bodies?

  1. Psychological Stress
  2. Environmental Stress
  3. Physiological Stress
    1. Vitamin or Nutritional Deficiencies
    2. Hormonal Imbalances
    3. Systemic Inflammation/Unnecessary Oxidation
    4. Medical Conditions
  4. Anatomical Stress
    1. Connective Tissue Weakness
    2. Joint Problems
    3. Musculoskeletal or Postural Abnormalities

How does stress affect us mentally?

  1. Mental fatigue with loss of spontaneity and creativity
  2. Confusion, including forgetfulness and difficulty in making decisions
  3. Anxiety, including feeling of panic
  4. Tension, frustration, irritability, anger and resentment
  5. Depression
  6. Lowers self-worth
  7. Lower intellectual functioning
  8. Boredom

How does stress affect us socially?

  1. Procrastination – avoiding important work and home responsibilities
  2. Lack of concern for others and a resulting deterioration in relationships
  3. Reduced effectiveness and communication – including an inability to listen to others
  4. Emotional hypersensitivity
    1. Tendency to overreact to others
    2. Feelings of isolation and alienation
    3. Suppression of feelings
    4. Social withdrawal
  5. Loss of control, quick-temperedness, aggression
  6. Increased risk taking behavior including gambling
  7. Increased drug use and abuse

What can a physician do for me in order to decrease my stress?

As a physician that is trained and specialized in the field of Bariatric Medicine or Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Kerendian, a diet doctor serving Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Hollywood and surrounding areas utilizes several different advanced laboratories to be able to identify, pinpoints, and treat any of the common physiological, anatomical, hormonal, or nutritional deficiencies or imbalances that are the cause of or aggravators of our body’s stress levels.

Besides the traditional methods of controlling stress such as Exercise, Meditation, relaxation and other important behavioral methods. The Medical field is now capable of treating stress from a physiological and anatomical standpoint.