Getting Organized For Weight Loss

Getting Organized For Weight LossGood preparation can go a long way in any weight loss program. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and anything that replaces pounds with ounces is good news for dieters, so take a little time to get organized before starting your weight loss program.

Set some goals

When starting out, one of the first things you can do is set some simple goals for yourself. Don’t make them too complex, and be sure that you include a plan for how to reach them.  Remember, goals should be realistic, achievable and measurable.  If you aim too high, falling short can completely derail your efforts. Better to start with some very simple behavior goals such as not drinking soda, cutting back on alcohol calories, or walking an extra 2000 steps each day than to set a “lose 25 pounds by next Friday” goal.

Prepare your home

Dust off the treadmill, throw away the junk food, and padlock the refrigerator before you start on your weight loss program. Okay, padlocking the refrigerator is overkill, but throw out the leftover pizza and sodas at the very least. Removing temptation from your home is the best method for avoiding slips during moments of weakness. Stimuli narrowing, the process of reducing food related stimuli using meal replacement formula is an extension of the removing temptation strategy and is a highly successful weight loss strategy.

Prepare your family

Enlist your family in your weight loss program or at least give them the opportunity to leave town for a few weeks.  It is very difficult to change your eating and activity behaviors if everyone around you continues to treat you as though nothing has changed.  Let people know you are eating healthy and cutting back on calories. Let them know that this is important to you and that you need their help. Then give them the opportunity to step up to help, or stand back and not sabotage your efforts.

Include activity

Don’t forget to include some exercise goals in the equation as well. Preparing for exercise can mean anything from buying a good pair of shoes with support to investing in some hand weights to use at home. Try writing down your daily activity goals as well, so that you have something to refer to and measure your progress by.

Check your schedule

Starting your weight loss program on Thanksgiving morning or on the plane as you jet off on a vacation in Europe is asking for disaster. Give yourself some uninterrupted time to establish your new healthy behaviors before stepping into a dangerous, food laden situation.

Prepare well and the first few weeks of adjusting your new lifestyle will go a lot more smoothly.