Lift your Mood with Weight Loss

Lift your Mood with Weight LossAlmost every person will experience depression at some point in their lives, but unfortunately some people experience the pain more frequently than others. Lasting and unexplained depression is one of the most common health problems plaguing modern society.

Depression is rapidly rising to the top of the list of life threatening illnesses. It is estimated that by 2020, depression will be the second major killer right after heart disease. The good news is that it is more easily treated than people imagine.

Losing weight and joining a weight loss program can ward off depression. According to an analysis of studies spanning more than 8,000 people, those who participated in a weight loss that focused on making meaningful and long term lifestyle changes experienced an overall improvement in their mood.

Fitness programs can fight depression by a variety of means. First and foremost is the exercise itself. Physical activity promotes blood flow to the brain, improving oxygenation and the delivery of important nutrients. Furthermore, exercise releases numerous neurotransmitters like dopamine, endorphins and serotonin, all responsible for mood and the ability to feel pleasure.

The benefits of fitness extend beyond the neurological and into the physical. Weight bearing exercises increase levels of your body’s natural steroid hormones, like testosterone, which leads to accelerated fat loss, greater confidence, improved energy and development of lean body mass.

The mental benefits that you will experience after participating in a local weight loss program in Beverly Hills will also contribute to positive feelings. There is much evidence to support the fact that people are often happier when surrounded by a community of supportive peers. Something must also be said about the psychophysiological impact of competition. Both testosterone and dopamine are increased by perceived competition and the base drive to be better. Fitness groups are an ideal environment for taking advantage of this natural programming.