Positive Image, Healthy Weight Loss, and a Better Body

Positive Image, Healthy Weight Loss, and a Better BodyFor many people who struggle with losing weight, the goal is to lose weight so that they can feel better about their body and themselves. However, the way to go about creating lasting change is actually to reverse that thinking.

Long term weight loss comes from healthy weight loss, and health weight loss is most easily done with a positive self image. In other words, if you want to have a better body, you need to focus on feeling better about the body you have.

How can you build a more positive self image that leads to healthy weight loss?

  1. Stop being overanxious about your body. The more you obsess about what’s wrong with your body, the more desperate you’ll become for a quick fix. Quick fix weight loss solutions are rarely healthy or permanent.
  2. Treat your body with respect. Focus on treating your body as it deserves to be appreciated and taken care of. Pamper your skin, dress in flattering clothes, and be mindful of the foods you’re putting into your body
  3. Be aware of your thoughts. Our thoughts are how we talk to ourselves, and negative self talk is detrimental to a positive self image. Recognize the critical thoughts you have and replace them with positive, affirming thoughts about your achievements.
  4. Focus on what makes you attractive. Everyone has internal and external qualities that make them attractive. Identify your personal strengths and spend your energy accentuating these positives.

Working towards healthy weight loss is about embracing where you are and the progress you’re making instead of focusing on a yet to be arrived at destination. Be good to yourself and your body now and the improvements will come in time.