Preparing and Planning for Change

Preparing and Planning for ChangeThere is no question that the backbone behind a successful and long lasting weight loss and weight maintenance effort is the individual’s motivation for a healthy future. Any journey that is aimed towards a beneficial change requires the initial step of understanding the need for change. The second step is preparing and planning for change. Third step is taking action to change. Fourth step is maintaining the change.

I would like to discuss with you the second step “preparing and planning for change”. Of course with overweight and obesity being the second leading preventable cause of death in the United States, the most life saving change would be to lose your extra un-needed pounds.

I would like to propose to you that doing this alone is not easy. For decades, overweight and obese people have been preached to by non-overweight individuals to eat less, exercise more, change your behaviors, and blaa blaa blaaa.

Over the last decade, we now understand that dieting, exercising, and changing your behaviors—although extremely important—may not be enough to lose your weight efficiently or sufficient for long term maintenance of your weight.

This is why I have chosen to help you and the rest of my patients with a comprehensive approach to your personalized plan of care. I will tailor an affective, long lasting and efficient plan for you.

Imagine an Indy 500 grand prix. Okay, now imagine that there you are racing against your unwanted fat! In order to win this race and maintain your reign as a champion for a long time, you would need a strong and knowledgeable crew to assist you to victory.

Delight Medical’s staff is your crew. I will lay out the short-term and long-term plan to become victorious and stay victorious. Then I will tune-up and optimize your machine to be able to battle the field smoothly. But you still have to be the driver.

Some people decide to race without a crew. Some people decide to race with a cheap crew. Some people decide to race with an inexperienced crew. Some people decide to race with a crew who is only working to get paid. Some people decide to race with a crew who has no proper training.

All those people are simply wasting their time and effort.

I would love to help you win your race just like I have with many other happy champions.

Payam Kerendian, DO, FABOFP, FABFP
Medical Director