Tips to Enhance Healing with Regenerative Medicine

Tips to Enhance Healing with Regenerative MedicineYour first encounter with prolotherapy can be intimidating. While it is a painless procedure, the thought of needles often get people a bit squeamish—especially when you are not sure exactly what to expect. By taking a deep breath and preparing yourself mentally for your prolotherapy appointment you can relax and concentrate on the benefits of the treatment, like the relief from the chronic pain that you are going to experience! And just think, as an alternative to surgical treatment, the needles used with this regenerative medicine really aren’t that intimidating.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you are getting ready for your first appointment for prolotherapy:

  • Eat a healthy diet. It is a good idea to think of your health holistically and understand that what you eat is going to help your injury. Eat a diet that includes fresh vegetables, organic meats, and fatty acids such as fish, olive oil, nuts and avocadoes. Fat is good for joint lubrication and will make it easier for your joints to move, enhancing the ability of the regenerative medicine to do its work.
  • Take supplements. Talk to your physician about supplements that can help your body heal, which can also enhance the results of prolotherapy.
  • Work out more. It is understandable that your injury has you benched at the moment, but if you are able to walk around then it is important that you do so. If not, think of other ways that you can move around. Maybe try going for a swim or do some resistance band training while sitting down. One of the biggest benefits of prolotherapy is that there is no downtime like there is after surgery. Take advantage of this and keep moving!