Erectile Dysfunction and Placebo Gel Study Review

Frustrated coupleErectile Dysfunction is the inability to start or keep an erection that is firm enough to last long enough for completion of sex to point of orgasm. This condition affects majority of men at some age in their lives.

The field of Medicine has numerous types of treatment options and methods for Erectile Dysfunction: Oral medications, Testosterone Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy and other Injectables, to more invasive options such as penile implants, pumps, surgeries, even shockwave therapy. Yet there is always the search for the next best thing or another option. 

In 2019, there was hype and rise in popularity over a special non-medicated topical gel which was sold over the counter and accepted by many individuals suffering from this condition.

For this reason, there was a study conducted to with 1000 European men who had Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and its goal was to determine how effective a nitroglycerin gel would be at treating ED when applied to the penile head. The method included 2 groups: 1) Nitroglycerin group and 2) Non-medicated gel group. Both groups applied their gel to the head of the penis. 62% of all participants achieved satisfactory erections with both groups. 59% of the men complete erection to complete their sexual activity with both groups. This study concluded that the NTG gel did not increase erection quality any better than expected for Placebo. And it has been recommended to have further studies with oral placebo pills to compare this gel’s effectiveness. Until then, this gel is labeled as not the potion that it was hyped up to be by its manufacturers. And safe to conclude that anything too good to be true may very well be!

Men after age 40 are all dealing with some level of unsatisfactory Erection Quality. Whether it is the initiation of erection or maintaining good quality erection and firmness to complete the full sexual cycle to completion for self and partner’s orgasm levels. For this reason, the commercial industry is doing its best to take advantage of these men by claiming better erection quality with any and all types of vitamins and other non-pharmaceutical agents that can be sold in the stores or vitamin shops or online. However, everyone must be smarter with their body rather than spend their money on what businesses want them to purchase.

Physicians who have specialized in such issues and problems can do an appropriate evaluation by talking to their patients and more importantly listening to their patients as to the circumstances behind their Erectile Dysfunction. With appropriate lab testing, all other medical factors must be considered and appropriately treated by the physician. Such underlying medical issues such as Hypogonadism, metabolic syndrome, hypothyroid function, or even Elevated BP, elevated sugars, and elevated cholesterol are among multitude of factors that your MENS HEALTH Physician can address and treat if needed.

Meanwhile Testosterone Therapy and well-established medications such as Viagra, Cialis and others can be used to improve patients Quality of life while addressing any other underlying factors.