Delight Medical & Wellness Center Now Offers Semaglutide

April 2023

Delight Medical & Wellness Center is proud to announce that they are one of very few medical clinics to carry Semaglutide. They also have streamlined the process for a smooth patient experience to receive this medication delivered to their home and avoid the hassles associated with visiting the pharmacy. Semaglutide is a medication that is branded under Wegovy for weight management and Ozempic for diabetes management.

The clinic is partnering with a reputable pharmacy to distribute this medication to their patients. Patients are first evaluated by Dr. Payam Kerendian, an experienced physician in the field of Bariatric Medicine (non-surgical obesity and weight management specialist). All patients will receive a complete and thorough evaluation, allowing Dr. Kerendian to customize a tailor-made medical weight management plan that fits their individual goals and problem areas.

Since 2005, Dr. Kerendian has been helping his patients achieve their health goals through personalized care plans and a variety of Pharmaceutical and Natraceutical medical hybrid care plans, while providing guidance on nutrition and physical activity. He has been prescribing Ozempic/Semaglutide since 2018, so he is well-equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to help his patients reach their ideal weight safely and effectively with the proper use of this highly sought after medication.

“I am delighted to provide my patients with access to this medication which has proven itself as a successful treatment option for those looking for long-term success when it comes to losing weight,” says Dr. Kerendian about offering Semaglutide at Delight Medical & Wellness Center “It is important for us to provide our patients with effective options when it comes to managing their health conditions, so we are pleased that we can now offer them another efficient tool in their journey towards improved and better health.”

Dr. Payam Kerendian

By offering more options in terms of medication choices, Delight Medical & Wellness Center hopes that more people will be able to find success in reaching their health goals without compromising on safety or efficacy of treatment. This new addition allows them to continue providing comprehensive services for individuals struggling with obesity or diabetes who are seeking safe and effective treatments tailored just for them.

With this new development at Delight Medical & Wellness Center, individuals have one more option when it comes to finding relief from these chronic conditions–and ultimately leading healthier lives!