Abdominal Curls for a Strong Core

Abdominal Curls for a Strong CoreThe abdominal curl is a Pilates strength building exercise that burns calories and helps build your core muscles during a weight loss program. Regular completion of abdominal curls during an exercise program will strengthen your body and tighten the stomach region. Abdominal curls will not burn belly fat; however, a strong core will improve your balance and stability. A strong, stable body improves your workout stamina and endurance to increase the number of calories burned during weight loss program workouts.

  • Complete the abdominal curl by lying flat on your back with your knees bent.
  • Place a small ball under your knees if you have difficulty keeping your knees bent.
  • Gently curl your shoulders and upper torso off the floor using your abdominal muscles to pull yourself upward.
  • Focus your eyes on the point where the wall meets the ceiling to prevent pulling your neck forward.
  • Inhale while you raise your torso off the ground and exhale while you lower your torso back to the ground.
  • Focus on pulling your belly button in tight as you complete the abdominal curl.

Place your focus on working the abdominals instead of pulling your torso off the ground. Using your hands behind your neck and attempting to pull yourself upward may cause strain to your neck and decreases the work done by the abdominal muscles. Proper form while doing the abdominal curl should not cause back pain. If you feel pain in the back, verify your knees are bent and you are pulling your belly button in tight while using the abdominal muscles to curl your torso upward. Do not arch your back while doing the abdominal curl. Complete the abdominal curl while sitting on a balance ball to see if this position alleviates the back pain.