Antiaging Therapy and the Signs of Menopause

Antiaging Therapy and the Signs of MenopauseAntiaging therapy can help reduce or eliminate the many symptoms of menopause, but for the best treatment results you shouldn’t wait too long to talk to your antiaging doctor. Many women in Los Angeles wait until long after their last period to start talking with their antiaging doctor about the mental and physical changes they’ve experienced with age.  Talking to your doctor early on as the symptoms of menopause develop can save you from months and even years of discomfort—and treatment is even shown to be more effective the earlier it begins.

Unfortunately, menopause takes many women by surprise. There is no reason it has to take you by surprise though. Menopause is preceded by a long health stage called perimenopause, or pre-menopause. Just as it sounds this is the stage of life when the symptoms of menopause are just beginning.  These symptoms are very mild and many women simply accept it as a natural sign of aging.  You might experience a hot flash here or there and you may notice your period becoming less frequent or lighter.

This stage of life is filled with many changes that often come on gradually, sometimes taking their full effect so slowly that it is hard to tell when the problems began.  While you may be on the lookout for symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings these are not the only problems you are at a likelihood of facing.

Here is a list of some of the less talked about symptoms of menopause that you may experience:

  • Headaches: Migraine and tension headaches are common during menopause.  These headaches often cause you to become sensitive to certain triggers, like sounds, light and smells, and they often do not go away with simple treatment methods like ibuprofen.
  • Trouble sleeping: While night sweats are often a contributing factor, trouble sleeping can develop for a lot of reasons. Many women find as time goes on they develop trouble falling asleep, or are unable to stay asleep or sleep as soundly as they once could.
  • Memory lapses: This symptom generally starts as general forgetfulness. It can develop during general conversation, while running errands or at work. These memory lapses can grow incredibly frustrating, but are unfortunately common with age.
  • Loss of sex drive: Men aren’t the only ones to experience a natural decline in sexual interest with age. Women also experience decreased libido and forms of sexual dysfunction, but there are antiaging strategies that can help with this.

The symptoms of menopause vary considerably between women. While menopause is perfectly natural, the way you experience it doesn’t have to be unpleasant. Antiaging therapies can help you overcome common symptoms and reduce the impact that menopause has on your daily life.