Appreciating Your Previous Weight and Self

Appreciating Your Previous Weight and SelfMedical weight management in Beverly Hills can assist you with making the lifestyle changes necessary for permanent weight loss. With a medically supervised diet, you will learn to overcome the obstacles common to yo-yo dieters, and will be able to change your thinking to coincide with your new healthier lifestyle. This includes not using food for emotional reasons, listening to the body’s hunger cues and learning to stop eating when full.

Once you have reached your weight loss goals, you may still see yourself as overweight or even obese. That may have been the way you defined yourself for so many years that the pattern is hard to overcome. You need to be willing to treat your former fat self with loving care. That means when the food cravings come, you draw upon what you have learned and make different choices. It also means celebrating just how far you have come in your weight loss journey by treating yourself to special non-food rewards when you hit major milestones.

If you formerly used food as a way of avoiding painful feelings, you should realize that they may seem very intense now that you are no longer eating them away. If need be, work with a therapist to talk through whatever is bothering you rather than trying to numb your feelings with food. Although no one else can see what you used to look like, it may take longer to work through the emotional issues than it did to lose the weight. If you are patient and loving with yourself throughout the weight loss process, then you will eventually come to a place of physical and emotional harmony.