Being Obese Puts You at a Greater Risk of Injury

Being Obese Puts You at a Greater Risk of InjuryMost people are well aware of the increased risk of disease that is associated with being obese. In addition to increasing your risk of conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease, recent research has found that there is an increased risk of accidental injury in adults and children who are overweight as well.

Obesity puts a strain on more than just your heart. Muscles and tendons can also be affected due to the extra weight they must accommodate. For instance, an obese person who sustains a fall in a parking lot is more likely to sustain a serious injury, such as a broken bone or strained muscle, than someone who has a healthy BMI (body mass index) rating for their height. When an obese person extends their arms to reach for an object, or attempts to lift something heavy, their body experiences increased difficulty. More weight and pressure is placed on their soft tissue and bones during a fall, and they are also at an increased chance to overextend muscles and tendons. Some of these injuries can be quite painful and take months to heal, to say nothing of the medical expenses that can occur.

Unfortunately, for many people that struggle with obesity, exercise and a change of diet may not always be enough for long term weight loss. Sometimes, medical weight loss clinics can give a person the extra help needed to overcome obesity by providing professional treatment options and support. Facilities for medical weight loss in Beverly Hills have access to leading weight loss techniques and treatments. Medical weight loss specialists can also provide in-depth information about the risks of obesity and how weight loss treatments can have a positive impact on your health, lifestyle and emotional well-being.