Can Diet Increase Productivity?

Can Diet Increase ProductivityHealthy eating can not only help you be more productive, it can help you along with your weight loss goals and reduce the need for any medical weight loss intervention over time. We all want to be healthier and now the companies we work for are seeing a trend toward helping us achieve our weight loss goals along with being healthier and more productive employees.

Healthy eating has long been a catchphrase that made most of us think that if it is good for us, it cannot be that tasty or satisfying. It’s so easy to run to a drive-thru fast food restaurant to grab something on the go, but a great deal of those types of food are high in fat, salt, sugar, carbohydrates and additives that can lead to many life threatening diseases.

The Centers for Disease Control has recently made recommendations to employers for educating employees about eating healthier out of the home as well as recommending employers provide more than the common snack machine at work and instead offer healthy alternatives such as fruits and vegetables in snack machines and cafeterias.

The truth is that there are many foods that are not only healthy, but great tasting and increase well-being and productivity. Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids can help increase brain function and make us more alert. Broccoli and salmon are high in omega 3’s. The effects almonds have on the body can include brain functions such as stabilizing our moods, and keeping us calm and even tempered in higher stress situations.

Snacking on sunflower seeds is not only a healthy alternative to high fat snacks during a work day, but they are also valuable in fighting off afternoon fatigue. Raisins can also add to that boost of energy needed whenever your day is dragging along. The best part is that not only are these food helpful in making us more productive throughout the day, but they are not detrimental to our weight loss plans.

There are many healthy alternatives to high fat or high sugar snacks that will allow us to be healthier and stay more productive throughout the day. Take a look around your workplace and see what’s available. If there is something you want, make your own recommendation to your employer.