Diet Shakes and Weight Loss

Diet ShakesDiet shakes, also known as meal replacement shakes are used to help further assist a weight loss program. Before starting any weight loss program, you should see your primary care provider to assure the safety of your health, or a physician that specializes in bariatrics and weight management so that they can evaluate your health/weight goals and provide the best plan of care catered specifically to you. Seeing a bariatric or weight management specialist allows you to have an in-depth complex blood panel to help determine if there are any underlying issues, vitamin deficiencies or any hormonal deficiencies that may be causing you to gain weight and keep it off.

Meal replacement shakes and weight loss

Meal replacement shakes are primarily prescribed to individuals that are on a low-calorie diet. Meal replacement shakes are low calorie drinks that are packed with essential vitamins and macronutrients that you would normally get from a proper diet such as protein and fiber. But eating a proper diet isn’t always realistic, ideal or convenient due to the time it takes to meal prep and the use of heating up your meal if needed, especially if you have a busy schedule. Having a busy schedule and when you’re constantly on the go, sitting down to eat a proper meal just wouldn’t fit within the schedule. This is where meal replacement shakes become very effective.

What the Body Needs

Due to the fact that meal replacement shakes can come in a can, bottle or carton and can be drank on the go, it makes meal replacement shakes very convenient and suitable for any work schedule. They do not need to be kept cool and can be drank while walking to your next appointment, to the car or while driving. The good thing about meal replacement shakes are that they are not only low calorie, but they are healthy and come in multiple flavors such as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.

Weight Loss Doctor in Los Angeles

Due to meal replacement shakes being low calorie, they can be highly effective in losing weight because in addition to lowering your calorie intake, they also assure that you are receiving the proper amount of nutrients. The shakes have also been shown to help prevent binge eating and poor food decisions due to their convenience and accessibility. On top of that, studies have shown that these shakes can lower high blood pressure, lower blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol and in doing so, they have shown to not only help lose weight faster, but keep the weight off for long-term results, resulting in a happier and healthier lifestyle. Contact our weight loss doctor in Los Angeles to schedule a consultation today.