Eating Healthy on the Run

Eating Healthy on the RunYour boss handed you a huge stack of projects, you stayed at work late to finish up a report, your kids need to be picked up from practice, and all of a sudden you find yourself pulling through a McDonald’s drive through to grab a quick dinner. Life happens, and a hectic day can derail all of your healthy eating intentions. Fortunately, a little preparation goes a long way in maintaining your healthy habits while on the run.

Pack a Snack

When a craving strikes, it’s tempting to find the nearest drive through to satisfy your need to eat. If you’re prone to sudden hunger pangs, plan ahead by packing healthy snacks. For example, if you know you’re going to be running errands all morning, pack a small Ziploc bag of trail mix in your purse. That way, you’ll avoid the temptation to grab a candy bar as you head through the checkout lane. Cereal, fruit, yogurt, or nuts make an easy, healthy snack when you’re on the go.

Find a Supermarket

In general, it’s easier to find healthy options at a grocery store than in a fast food restaurant. Head to the deli section and scope out the sandwich or salad options. Wraps, sushi rolls, mixed vegetables, or fresh fruit are convenient options. Alternatively, purchasing a jar of peanut butter and celery provides an easy, protein-rich snack to ease your hunger pains.

Order the Fast Food, but Be Smart about It

Weight loss nutrition experts know that sometimes, it’s impossible to avoid eating on the go. If you must order a meal from a fast food restaurant, be savvy about your options. Most restaurants have nutrition brochures available, and some even post calorie and fat information on their menus. Consider swapping fried chicken for grilled, ordering a veggie-loaded sub sandwich instead of deli meat and cheese, or grabbing a yogurt cup instead of a side order of fries.

Grab a Salad (But Watch the Toppings)

Fast food restaurants know that many Americans are weight conscious and have added healthier options to their menus. However, many salads are loaded with chicken, salad dressing, cheese, nuts, and eggs that significant raise their calorie and fat count. If you order a salad, look for one loaded with veggies with a light, olive oil-based vinaigrette versus a creamy, Ranch-style dressing.

Watch Your Beverages

You may be making healthy choices with your meals, but choosing the wrong drink can add hundreds of calories to your daily intake. For example, a typical medium soda has nearly 200 calories. Similarly, coffee shop beverages topped with whipped cream or added sweeteners can dramatically affect your diet. Whenever possible, choose water to stay hydrated.