Funny Weight Loss Tricks to Try

Funny Weight Loss Tricks to TryHow would you feel if everywhere you sat down to eat there was a mirror placed right in front you, reflecting your every move as you eat your food? It may sound a little crazy but this is actually considered an unconventional trick to help facilitate weight loss. These weight loss solutions are not going to help you in the same way as your lipotropic injections or other medical weight loss plans, but if you feel like having a bit of fun as you progress towards a healthier lifestyle then by all means, give it a try—just check in with Dr. Kerendian first.

Five Silly Weight Loss tricks

1. The Sniff Test – One researcher from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago (Yes, this is a real foundation) found after testing 3,000 volunteers, those who frequently sniffed their food were less hungry than those who hadn’t given their food the old-fashioned sniff test.

One theory that may explain this unusual weight loss trick is that sniffing your food tricks your brain into thinking you’re really eating, and therefore thwarts overeating which could lead to weight gain. Now, this doesn’t mean you should consistently sniff your food instead of eating it—eating healthily is an important aspect of your weight loss regimen. But, instead of indulging in that big piece of cake after dinner, maybe just have a big sniff and let your stomach rest.

2. The Blue Theory – Have you ever wondered why most fast food restaurants don’t use the color blue that often when it comes to their logos or décor styles? The color blue is said to function as an appetite suppressant, believe it or not. If you want to test out this curious trick, try serving your meals on blue tableware, or wear the color blue while you eat your food. Cover your table with a blue table cloth if you really want to encompass the blue theory. Some studies even show the colors red, yellow and orange encourage eating—no wonder these colors are so often used in restaurant logos!

3. “Le Petit Secret” – This wacky weight loss “secret” is employed by numerous French women. This little tip involves wearing a ribbon around your waist (underneath your clothes) whenever you eat or dine out for dinner. The ribbon is said to function as constant reminder of your stomach. The ribbon will tighten as you eat, which may discourage you from over indulging. So, next time you’re feeling secretive, tie a ribbon around your waist before eating—maybe even make it a blue ribbon for an added weight loss effort.

4. Photo Shoot with Your Food – Some people suggest keeping a journal or food log of everything you eat when you’re trying to lose weight. That may be useful but some people like to photograph the foods they eat in order to help curb their intake. Some nutritionists believe that reviewing a group of pictures you’ve taken of the foods you have eaten may be enough to make you stop and think about what you’re eating, and if it’s even an appropriate time to eat. Even if you are making a conscious effort to eat healthily when taking your pictures, you may be able to catch a slip-up like an excess amount of salad dressing.

5. Mirror, Mirror on the Table – Finally, the odd weight loss trick involving the mirror at the dining table—It’s not quite hocus pocus as one study found eating your food in front of a mirror may curb the amount of food you eat by one-third. Maybe this is because having to stare yourself in the eye while consuming your meals will help to visually remind yourself of the weight loss goals and efforts you’re working towards in the first place.

These tricks may seem a little off the wall–but they’re supposed to be! Now, these tricks may not be a cure-all for weight gain, but at least you can have a good laugh while you try some of them the next time you think you are going to overeat!