How Do Lipotropic Injections Work?

Metabolic rateAs I finished my medical training and residency, I was fascinated to sub specialize in the field of obesity and weight management on a nonsurgical level. When I entered the world of bariatric medicine from a nonsurgical standpoint, I was more intrigued and fascinated about the numerous modalities in our body that affect or change our metabolism from a scientific standpoint.

My entire approach to patient care– as with any other legitimate bariatric physician— is to fully understand the scientific aspect of what is happening to a patient who is struggling with weight, yet from the clinical aspects fully understand my patients concerns and goals to be able to tailor-make a comprehensive plan of care for them to lose and maintain weight in a healthy, efficient, and long-lasting manner.

Lipotropic entry and tropic injections– in short– increase your metabolism from biochemical standpoint.

Dr. K Analogy:

Picture a factory with full machinery including the conveyor belt. All factories include human workers that stand at the conveyor belt and work the machinery to process any product placed on this conveyor belt manually to achieve the final products. Imagine your body’s biochemical metabolism is just like this factory. You’re “metabolism factory” oversees taking your digested foods and converting them into energy and water.

Energy and water are the final products of your metabolism factory, and digested food is the initial product that gets placed on that conveyor belt. It is the efficiency of this factory’s workers that dictates how fast/efficient your digested food is turned into energy. If for some reason, your human workers are on strike, or tired, or just not motivated enough to work hard, this conveyor belt will get overloaded with food and not turned into energy efficiently enough. If this food reaches the end of the conveyor belt without being processed by your human workers, it will turn into body fat.

Metabolism summary

If you understand the above analogy, you will have no problem understanding how Lipotropic and Trimtropic injections work to burn fat and increase metabolism in our body. The ingredients that are used in the Lipotropic/Trimtropic solutions are equivalent to the human workers in our “metabolism factory” as described above.

Lipotropic/Trimtropic injections in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood and surrounding areas

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In scientific terminology: Lipotropics/Trimtropics injection solutions are a mixture of key vitamins and amino acids that enhance metabolism on the biochemical level and rev up fat burning from the biochemical level. If you look in any biochemistry book–and you look at the chapter for metabolism–you will find the glycolysis, amino acid cycle and fatty acid cycle which are the tripods of metabolizing all the final components of a fully digested food (carbs, protein, fats). These vitamins and amino acids are the key factors and co-factors that rev up the Krebs cycle and the amino acid cycle and fatty acid cycle of metabolism.

These injections do not do the weight loss or the fat burning for you however they are one of the key steps that are needed to optimize your biochemical aspect of metabolism which will also help enhance other components of your metabolism which allow your body to cooperate and react to your weight loss behaviors and efforts. Bottom line is that they give you that extra push because your body is ready to work for you as you provided with the above key vitamins and amino acids AKA “human workers to your metabolism factory”.

9 Benefits of Lipotropic/Trimtropic injections

Benefits of Lipotropic injections