Testosterone Therapy For Men: How Does It Work?

Testosterone ChartTestosterone hormone is the hormone that makes a man A MAN!

What is a hormone?

Hormone is any substance that is produced by any body part, and released into the blood to have its function acted upon on distant body part or body parts.

The production line and of testosterone is as follows: hypothalamus of the brain produces a signal which affects the pituitary gland which releases another signal which affects the gonads or the adrenal gland to release testosterone.

Testosterone then is released into the bloodstream and its destination is all cells, tissue, organs which have testosterone receptors. Once testosterone is connected to testosterone receptors it carries out a function from that cell, tissue, organ.

What individuals produce testosterone and in one quantity?

Every human being produces testosterone to some extent. Females produce testosterone, and males produce testosterone. However, the amount of testosterone produced by a male is 20 to 40 times more than a female’s testosterone production. In a female testosterone oversees some anabolic physiological functions along with libido. This also considers an interplay of testosterone along with females more dominant hormone estrogen and progesterone.

Why is testosterone so important in a man?

Testosterone hormone is the only dominant sex hormone in and male individual, whereas a female individual relies mostly on other hormones. The best way to explain this is to look at the difference between the characteristics and the roles of our cave ancestors. For lack of political correctness “cave woman” versus the “caveman” had different roles of survival and therefore from an evolutionary standpoint hormones played a big role in such characteristics and roles.

Testosterone Infographic

THE MAN — a.k.a. testosterone oversaw walking barefoot in the wilderness amongst many predators to find food and bring it back home to his family.

As you can imagine that simple sentence carries a lot of different acts which are dictated by testosterone: for that caveman hunter to be able to do the above function he needs the following:

  • Sharp mental stamina
    • To have sharp alertness
    • To have pinpoint concentration
    • To have uplifted moods
    • To have elevated motivation
    • To have great confidence
  • Great physical stamina
    • To have high muscle mass
    • To have low fat mass
    • To have high pain threshold
    • To be less prone to injury
    • To have optimal joint strength (ligaments, tendons, cartilage)
    • To have strong bone density
  • Optimal heart health stamina
    • Low-cholesterol
    • Low blood pressure
    • Low inflammation
    • Low blood sugars
  • Sexual stamina (although this is not used by him in the field, it is highly sought after from his mate)
    • Increase sex drive and libido
    • Increase sex performance
    • Younger and healthier appearance

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What does the above mean in today’s world?

In today’s world although men and women are more equal in the roles, their physiology and sex hormones still very much resemble those of our evolutionary ancestors.

As a man ages, progressively from his 20s to 30s to 40s to 50s to 60s to 70s and 80s, his testosterone level progressively declines from 700s to 600s to 500s to 400s to 300s and to 200s. Yet, there are a big portion of population that have the condition called Hypogonadism (insufficient testosterone production unrelated to age).

It is not a coincidence that older men have a progressively higher incidence and intensity of the following symptoms: the reasoning is the following symptoms proportionately get worse with decreasing testosterone levels.

  • Depressing moods
  • Decreasing enjoyment of life
  • Decreasing sex drive
  • Decreasing concentration
  • Decreasing motivation levels
  • Worsening sleep quality
  • Increasing fat mass and decreasing muscle tone
  • Decreasing strength (muscle, joint, connective tissue)
  • Decreasing skin vitality
  • Decreasing pain threshold (more pain for less strength)
  • Decreasing work performance
  • Decreasing erectile function
  • Increasing cholesterol levels
  • Increasing sugar levels
  • Increasing blood pressure
  • Increasing inflammation
  • Decreasing immunity
  • Decreasing bone density
  • Decreasing attractiveness
  • Decreasing sense of worth
  • Decreasing sense of well-being
  • Degenerating joints

Why does diminish testosterone levels affect all the above symptoms?

Because all the cells, tissues, organs that collectively work to provide all the above functions have testosterone receptors which required this important hormone for them to function optimally. So, when the man’s testosterone is not enough to satisfy the receptors of the cells, tissue, organs that collectively work to deliver all the above functions, the individual man will suffer progressively with the above stated bullet points.

How can a man fix this problem?

The best thing to do to overcome such an issue is to report to a physician who is specialized in the care of hormones. A comprehensive laboratory panel along with a very detailed conversation with the patient will allow your physician to evaluate whether any of your medical or health issues are linked to Testosterone Insufficiency. Once you are determined to have testosterone insufficiency there are multiple methods of optimizing your testosterone. This may range from natural vitamin or supplement optimizations to testosterone replacement therapy or testosterone optimization therapy which may include the use of injections or subcutaneous implants of testosterone depot pellets.