The Truth About Cellulite

The Truth About CelluliteAs many as 90% of women have noticed cellulite somewhere on their body at some point. While it’s possible for men to also have cellulite, women are more likely to experience it because of a naturally higher body fat percentage. This is probably why you’ll usually see women featured in ads marketing cellulite treatment options. Can you really get rid of cellulite?

The truth is that cellulite is body fat that close to the skin’s surface. The puckered look is created by connective tissue between your skin and muscles, and the fat that pushes up between these tissues. Cellulite may become more pronounced if these connective tissues become less flexible, the skin becomes less elastic, or the amount of fat increases. The flexibility of your connective tissues and the elasticity of your skin is, in part, determined by your genetics. Some people are simply more likely to develop cellulite than others.

To reduce the appearance of cellulite on your body, experts recommend eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly to reduce your body fat. Staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water can also help your connective tissues and skin stay flexible.

Other treatment options that can be purchased include creams that may improve the appearance of the skin or mesotherapy, a procedure designed to break up the fat cells under the skin.