Tips for Being Successful with Weight Loss

Tips for Being Successful with Weight LossThe most common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, but it not an easy resolution to keep. Here are some weight loss tips that can help you stay motivated over the long-term:

  1. Plan carefully: If you choose to eat something unhealthy, plan for it. Save calories to make room for what you crave, or add extra time to your workout.
  2. Watch portions: Choose small portions of calorie-laden foods and large portions of healthy choices such as vegetables and broth-based soups.
  3. Improve your exercise and eating habits: People have a hard time incorporating changes they know they need to make. Find the inspiration that motivates you to improve your health.
  4. Believe you can succeed: Set yourself up for success with a positive attitude and seek support from friends and family.
  5. Celebrate your achievements: As you lose weight, reflect on how good you feel. Keep an old photo nearby to see how much you have changed.
  6. Keep track of exercise and food intake: Keeping a journal throughout your efforts to lose weight is one of the most effective weight loss tools available.
  7. Observe how good you feel at a healthier weight: As you lose weight, you usually sleep better, have more energy and have improved health. Remind yourself during difficult moments how good it feels to be thinner.
  8. Focus on fitness: Build physical activity into your daily routine to relieve stress and lose weight. Even 10-minute breaks spread throughout the day make an impact.
  9. Allow yourself treats: Let yourself have small treats to alleviate cravings. Savor each bite and resist eating more.
  10. Do regular weigh-ins: Keep track of your weight to prevent gains. If you see the number edging upwards, make immediate changes to prevent significant weight gains.