To Lose Weight, Break the Dieting Cycle

To Lose Weight, Break the Dieting CycleThe yo-yo diets just do not work. In fact, a recent study proves it. Women that choose dieting fads in hopes of rapid weight loss regain weight after time. This cycle of back and forth is not just frustrating, it’s not healthy either. Continuously gaining and losing weight can cause a great deal of damage to both your physical and mental health.

A recent survey was addressed to 2,300 people, and indicated that one-in-five woman have opted for at least five diets, and that one-in-five also regained weight with each diet they tried. Further, many of the survey participants had been on at least 20 diets without being able to maintain the weight loss. More specifically, 11 percent of the women lost and regained weight 11 times, 21 percent lost and regained weight five times, and six percent had dieted and put the pounds back on more than 20 times.

The best way to overcome the “yo-yo” of constant weight loss and weight gain is to all together stop thinking there is such a thing as a quick fix to weight loss; there isn’t one. It is possible however to make subtle lifestyle changes that will help you to lose weight and keep it off for good. For long-lasting weight loss, implement a diet in dense foods such as fruits, vegetables, fish and lean meat, all of which are available at the local market here in Beverly Hills. Eating dense foods helps you to lose weight because they are low in calories and they help to fill you up and keep you full. In order to be successful in your weight loss goals, you need to be honest with yourself. No one is perfect, and not many women can say no to chocolate forever. It is OK to treat yourself, just do so in small amounts. Instead of a huge bowl of ice cream, have a small bite size piece of chocolate. Throw a bag of chocolate candies in the freezer for a cool summer treat, and don’t beat yourself up over it!