Toning Your Buttocks

Toning Your ButtocksIf you are looking to tone your “posterior,” you are in good company. Buttocks make the list of things to tone for most of us as age and gravity take their toll. Luckily there are some good exercises you can do that will help accomplish this–and many of them will work other muscles at the same time.

A few Yoga poses are ideal for toning the buttocks, such as theĀ bridge pose and the downward facing dog. Both of these work other muscles as well. Beginners may find the bridge pose is anĀ easier one to start with.

If you want to combine your toning with cardio, try walking. This simple exercise can help tone all of the leg muscles. Work up to doing a hill, which will help engage the buttocks a bit more than walking on flat ground. Stairs also work these muscles, so any time you can opt for a staircase rather than an elevator you’ll be adding some tone to your back end as well as sneaking a little extra exercise in. With stairs you’ll want to start easy as they can be a bit of a challenge for your cardiovascular system as well.

Simple “squeezes” can also work the buttocks and they are easy to do anywhere. Squeeze and hold your buttocks tight for a bit when you are standing in line at the store or talking on the phone. The more you engage these muscles, the more tone you’ll get overall.