During your medical weight loss program this feeling of perpetually fleeting time is likely to be amplified. Following your meal plan and using proven strategies like lipotropic injections in Los Angeles will give your weight loss efforts a boost, but there are still a great deal of lifestyle changes you are going to have to incorporate into your day to day schedule—especially as you attempt to maintain your weight loss when your medical weight loss program comes to an end. [Read more]

Healthy Foods for Mental Energy

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Eating a healthy diet can boost your energy levels—both physically and mentally. Getting the extra energy to head to the gym as you are trying to lose weight is great, but a lot of people are surprised by the increased mental clarity and boost to productivity that their healthy diet provides them. Unhealthy foods have the ability to hurt our focus and leave us feeling mentally sluggish and tired. [Read more]

The brain is a wondrous organ. It regulates our every organ and behavior, allowing us to move, reason and breathe. During your medical weight loss plan you’ll likely pay extra attention to all of your habits by eating healthier and exercising more, but how often do you stop to make sure your brain is taken care of in addition to your waistline? [Read more]

As August settles in and summer slowly comes to an end it is easy to become dissuaded from your original weight loss goals and give into the remaining BBQs and ice cream sundaes that are so popular this time of year. However, these indulgences are only going to make you feel worse after the sun sets and your stomach bulge continues to grow. You can get the most out of your medical weight loss plan with lipotropic injections by sticking to a healthy diet this summer. [Read more]

Setting Goals for Losing Weight

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Losing weight is much like any other task or project you take on—you must set realistic and attainable goals if you wish to succeed with your endeavor. You can better set yourself up for success when you set achievable weight loss goals. The right goals can keep your motivation levels high and your weight loss progress on track. On the contrary, if you set goals that are too unrealistic you take a chance at sabotaging your efforts by potentially becoming discouraged or burnt out before you reach the finish line. When you set out to fulfill your weight loss goals with the help of medical weight loss, here are some tips to keep in mind. [Read more]

Fighting Weight Loss Fatigue

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Making it through all the tasks we need to complete in a single day can be difficult, especially when balancing our work and home lives with a weight loss plan in the bustling environment of Beverly Hills. It can be enough to take the steam out of anyone, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself nodding off at your desk as the clock reaches the dreaded 3 p.m. afternoon slump. [Read more]

We’ve all grown to accept that our children are likely to let their science and math skills nose-dive over the long summer holiday but what about their health? Your child’s health is also at risk of decline once school lets out for summer, as a study from the University of Texas suggests that children and teenagers gain weight two to three times faster during the summer months compared to the school year. [Read more]

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